Friday, 16 August 2013

12 August - The Grumpy Mole at the Inn on the Green, Dorking Road, Tadworth

After an unanticipated and ridiculously long hiatus of more than 2 years (gasp!), the Old Horses' Nose Bag Club reconvened for a trip to the Grumpy Mole in Tadworth.

As we arrived, the restaurant immediately felt cosy and welcoming, the staff were friendly.

Pretending that we are concerned about our waist lines, all four of us decided to avoid the starters. Besides, the desserts looked interesting...

Main courses: 1 x Beef Stroganof, 1 x Venison Wellington, 2 x Rib-Eye Steak. Each of these was perfectly cooked and well presented, as well as delicious. The beef in the Stroganoff was tender and tasty, the venison was properly pink in the centre and melted in the mouth. The steaks, cooked by the chef (rather than on a stone at the table, which was the other choice), were exactly as they were ordered, medium rare, and of excellent quality.

Desserts: 1 x Bread & Butter Pudding, 1 x Squidgy Meringue with red berries, 1 x Key Lime Sundae, 1 x Apple Strudel. Again well presented and each dish was delicious in its own way. Paul was very impressed by the deconstructed Key Lime  Pie/Sundae, and enjoyed the light texture very much. I could taste every ingredient of the strudel, it was a treat to eat.

Drinks: 1 x Pinotage, 1 x Merlot, 1 x Gin & tonic....

All told a very enjoyable meal in pleasant surroundings. The staff were attentive and helpful without being pushy or hovering. The cost was just over £30 per head, with a tip.