Monday, 21 March 2011

18 March - Field To Fork, South Street, Epsom

Chris and Barbara visited Field to Fork for lunch. It was by way of a recce for a possible future evening visit. Various club members had seperately noticed this new restaurant in the centre of town and wondered... Lyn and Hazel had even been there for coffee and noted the pleasant atmosphere.

We started with the freshly baked bread and green olives - both very good. Barbara followed that with the Beetroot carpaccio with walnut & Golden Cross goats cheese dressing, whil Chris chose the Bridge Farm pork & spiced apple sandwich with fries.

We drank a bottle of sparkling water and finished our lunch with an espresso for Barbara and a latte for Chris.

The atmosphere was, as the other Old Horses had previously noted, very comfortable and welcoming.

The food was excellent. Barbara thoroughly enjoyed her carpaccio. Chris thought the pork was delicious. His only complaint was that the amount of bread in the sandwich was too much (but then he had already eaten a decent amount to start). Barbara was very impressed by the espresso, which she takes as a sign of a very good establishment.

The service was very good - prompt and helpful.

Cost: less than £30, including service.

Our rating: FOUR STARS