Thursday, 3 September 2009

EXTRA! EXTRA! - Some restaurants in Amsterdam...

Over the August Bank Holiday, as it our custom, Paul and I went to Amsterdam. We were there from Saturday 29th August to Tuesday 1st September. Apart from some pleasant bars, we had three very good meals in three quite different restaurants.

Saturday: We went to the Sherpa, a Nepalese/Tibetan restaurant (58 Korte Leidsedwarsstraat - 020-623 9495 - While I can't recall exactly what we had at this point, I do know it was delicious and spicy. Similar to Indian cuisine but not precisely the same. The staff are friendly and helpful.

Sunday: We went to our regular, t'Fornuis, a Dutch restaurant (33 Utrechsestraat - 020-626 9139 - Starters were a fish pastry and a goats cheese tart; mains were duck and lamb; desserts were ice cream and creme brulee. The food is always excellent here, we've never had a disappointment in over 10 years. The staff are friendly, cheerful and efficient.

Monday: We decided on the Puri Mas, an Indonesian restaurant (37-41 Lange Leidsedwarsstraat - 020-627 7627 - We've been there before but some years ago. The food was very tasty - we had the Puri Mas rijsttafel, a collection of delicious dishes, including a very good Rendang. The staff are charming and uninstrusive.

Tuesday lunch time: before heading for the airport, we used the Italian restaurant directly across the street (alley) from Puri Mas [can't remember its name]. We both had pizza, an American and a Pepperoni. Really tasty; the salami used on the Pepperoni pizza was delicious.